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i1 Photo Pro

i1 Photo Pro is specifically designed for discerning photo professionals to manage their RGB workflow from camera to display and projector to print. You have complete power and control to create the highest quality profiles to obtain superior color for your images. Includes i1 Profiler software and i1 Pro spectrophotometer

i1 Photo Pro offers both Basic and Advanced modes, so no matter what your color expertise level is, you’ll quickly master your color workflow. You’ll be able to:

Achieve true colors on each of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors
Obtain perfect printed colors every time on any RGB printer

Intelligent iterative profiling for high quality color results – optimal highlight and shadow details, more neutral grays and more natural skin tones
Profile optimization based on your images for specific colors, black & white, or flesh tones, PANTONE libraries or captured spot colors – get the color you desire without editing any profiles
Capture ambient light to adapt output profile for your gallery, studio or retail environment for a perfect color match to lighting conditions
Choose standard test charts or build your own for custom color and paper size requirements
Visually check color output quality with the included ColorChecker Proof target
Correct for OBAs (optical brightening agents) in paper with Optical Brightener Correction (OBC) technology (when combined with i1 iSis automated chart reader)

Confidently show images to clients at true-to-life size and color; high quality projector profiles accurately project your work on the big screen
Profile your digital cameras for consistent, predictable and repeatable results from image to image and camera to camera
Capture spot colors from virtually any surface – ideal for matching product or corporate colors
Easily select special colors from libraries with the included PANTONE Color Manager