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i1Basic Pro

With i1Basic Pro you can quickly and easily create custom monitor profiles that ensure the colors you view are true. With the new i1Profiler software, which combines the best features of its predecessors i1Match, ProfileMaker and MonacoPROFILER software, choose between a ‘basic’, wizard-driven interface, or an ‘advanced’ user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color monitor profiles.


Achieve true colors on each of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors
Capture ambient light conditions to create optimal monitor profiles for viewing color critical work
Match all monitors in your workgroup with reference profiles
Select from unlimited gamma, white point and luminance settings
Optimize gray balance for more neutral and better-defined grays
Validate monitor performance with included quality control functionality
Validate printer profile quality by measuring media wedges for ISO compliance (IDEAlliance or Fogra)
Capture spot colors from virtually any surface
Keep your PANTONE libraries up-to-date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe® and Quark® creative applications with the included PANTONE Color Manager