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Flora EOS PP 2512 UV

Detailed Description
1   This flora EOS PP 2512 UV flatbed printer realizes excellent photo like printing effect and it can shows the words in 2-point font
2   This machine offers various printing modes for taking the white ink as automatic covering color, base color or spot color, etc. It is also applied to varnish printing in special effect.
3   The product usually prints the images on the transparent or colored medium. Due to the original three-layer spot color printing function, it can work with different combination of
     chromatic  colors with white color at the same time.
4   With professional application solutions, the machine is specially used for glass, acrylic material, thermoforming plastics and so on.

Complete Configurations
1   Advanced grayscale print head This UV flatbed printer is mounted with 4 to 12 Toshiba CE4 print heads, which use the international advanced 7 level of grayscale technology. With smooth
     gradient and delicate performance in detail, the 4-color printing saves 50% ink cost over 6 colors printing system. The outstanding printing quality of the product is similar to that of photo
2   Precisely designed platform The UV flatbed printer utilizes the high precision air absorbing platform that can load the rigid material with maximum thickness of 100mm. Through vaccum
     absorption for the medium, this platform makes the ink to drop on the right point precisely.
3   Collision avoidance system for printhead There are specially made collision avoidance sensors installed on both sides of the UV lamp. The sensor can detect the ambient working
     environment in advance to make the print head free from squeezing. Once it find that the printed medium deforms, this product will give alarm and initiate an urgent stop immediately to
     protect the print head from damage.
4   Automatic detection device for thickness of medium This UV flatbed printer introduces the automatic detection device for detecting and measuring the distance between the printhead and
     the loaded medium. According to the thickness of the loaded medium, this device will adjust the medium to the optimum printing height automatically.
5   Automatic medium positioning device This device is capable of setting the printing edge well and simplifying the image positioning to remain efficient printing output.
6   Optional roll to roll printing device Apart from printing on the plate medium, the UV flatbed printer with 2.5m wide roll to roll printing device is suited for printing on various coiled materials.
7   Optional static eliminating device This device is able to get rid of the static on the surface of the medium effectively. Then every ink drop will be positioned precisely to get delicate printing